Shiselweni Reformed Home-Based Care is privileged to have a number of partners who are working together with us as we follow our dream to serve the great number of people in Swaziland suffering from the effects of HIV and AIDS.These partners come from a wide range. Some are churches or other organisations assisting us financially. Other organisations are more focused on helping us with information. Others are helping or have helped us with resources. These partners are playing an essential role to enable us to do even more in Swaziland and we want to honor those who made the decision to come alongside our ministry to enable us to increase our capacity.

Many of our partners have indicated that they do not want their names to be published. We respect their decision. Therefore, we are only listing the names of those partners who are working within the public sphere and who have their own websites available.

Mergon Foundation has the expansion of the Kingdom of God as its main vision. Through their financial assistance, we are in the process of giving all of our caregivers training in personal evangelism, making use of the EE III training material.


The Willow Creek Association, together with World Vision, initiated the Courageous Leadership Award. Prize money received through this award in 2008, enabled us to build a kitchen and eating area where orphans and other vulnerable children can receive food on a daily basis


Through the combined generosity of World Vision and the Willow Creek Association who together sponsor the Courageous Leadership Award, we have been able to scale up our assistance given to orphans and other vulnerable children


Project Glory is about Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:16; “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” They are about supporting those who serve others, particularly in Swaziland.


SAfAIDS presents HIV and AIDS information in response to the needs of communities. a Memorandum of Agreement exists whereby they train some of our leaders and we then use this information to train our caregivers and they in turn train community members.


The Dutch Reformed congregation of Skuilkrans in Pretoria, South Africa, has had a long relationship with Swaziland and assists us financially, mostly with the aim of training new groups of caregivers.


The Dutch Reformed Congregation, Middelburg-Suid (South) has been consistently involved with financial support and personal visits for a number of years.


Evangelism Explosion SA has been assisting us since 2007 with the training of our caregivers to have Biblical-based spiritual conversations with their clients and to enable them to explain the concept of salvation in understandable language.

The Luke Commission

The Luke Commission is recognized as a leading mobile medical team and openly appreciated by both the governments of the United States and the Kingdom of Swaziland. Operating since 2005 under the direction of Dr. Harry and Echo (PAC) VanderWal, The Luke Commission (TLC) takes free health care and hope to the most isolated and underserved populations, in partnership with the Swazi people and the Ministry of Health.


The "Emmauskerk" in Amersfoort in the Netherlands is a small congregation with innovative ideas on how to collect money to assist our work. An exciting development is an inter-cultural study of parts of Scripture taking place between them and us, where we together do Bible Study via email.


The National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS (NERCHA) is mandated by the Swaziland government to coordinate and facilitate the national multisectoral response to HIV/AIDS.


The Christian AIDS Bureau of South Africa (CABSA) has the vision to create “a caring Christian community ministering hope and reconciliation to people living with or otherwise directly affected by HIV and Aids”. They do this through training as well as making resources available on their website.


Free-Biblestudy.com presents free Bible Study downloads which will enhance your experience of the Bible, equip you with a skill, enhance your knowledge and build your character. Furthermore, $1.00 of the Kindle version and $2.00 of the paperback devotional go towards our ministry in Swaziland.


The Dutch Reformed congregation of Lynnwoodrif in Pretoria, South Africa started supporting our work in 2010. They have become part of our Adopt-A-Caregiver programme.


Building Hope Foundation distributes, amongst others, the EvangeCube and the HIV/AIDS Cube, aimed at using people from the community to spread the message of hope to others, making use of a cube with pictures.


The MISSION4X4 Club regularly visits SHBC to record coordinates of the homesteads of our caregivers to enable us to have a better understanding where we still need to expand our work.


MTN (Swaziland) has, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programme, sponsored SHBC's preschool at Dwaleni. Their support enabled SHBC to finish the building project and will initially support the running of the school for one year, which includes the training of new teachers.


The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) has a vision for orphaned and vulnerable children. They are partnering with SHBC initially to assist with two feeding schemes, one at Dwaleni where 80 children receive food daily and another at Matsanjeni where around 60 children will receive food, as soon as a kitchen has been completed.


FNB Swaziland donated a pick-up truck to SHBC in 2009 to assist with the delivery of food to remote areas and to help with the transport of trainers to areas where caregivers need to be trained. Thousands of kilometres have been travelled since then and many people have benefited from this vehicle.

Care for the Caregiver

Care for the Caregiver assists NGOs in not only honouring their caregivers, but also by giving them proper support in order to ensure that caregivers can cope with the challenges and stress associated with their task.