Mission outreaches to Swaziland


In many ways, Swaziland offers a unique opportunity for people wanting to come on a mission outreach. We are geared to receive small groups (1 - 5 people) or larger groups. These outreaches can be as short as one day or for as long as a year. The main thing is that those who come on an outreach first of all need to fall in with our vision and furthermore they need to be willing to submit to the authority of the people already involved in the work. A comprehensive guide, which is constantly being updated, is available in which we try and help make your stay in Swaziland as wonderful as possible. Housing is available to suit the needs of those coming, ranging from a high quality guesthouse to a self-catering farmhouse and very small groups (not more than four) of the same gender, can be accommodated on the church premises. In special cases we can arrange accommodation at the homes of local people, but this needs to be arranged in advance.

Operation Mobilisation (South Africa) annually send their students to Swaziland for their training module in rural outreaches. Swaziland is also on the list of Palm Beach Atlantic University's annual mission outreaches. A number of congregations have also committed themselves to this ministry and bring regular visits to Swaziland.

It is our wish, when people come to Swaziland, that we will build a long-term relationship with such groups. Although we are always happy to receive groups in Swaziland, it does take up time and therefore we want to see this as an investment, both in our ministry as well as in the lives of our visitors.


Should you want to plan an outreach to Swaziland, please contact the CEO (Arnau van Wyngaard) via e-mail: wyngaard@lando.co.za