Financial Reports


As a faith-based non-profit organization, we feel that we have an obligation, both to those supporting us (or considering supporting us) as well as towards God to be totally transparent regarding our financial position.

Income and expenses are controlled through universally accepted accounting methods and after the end of the financial year (last day of February) a full audit is done by an external auditing company. The financial reports are then published on the website.

One of the things which we are extremely proud of, is the way in which we handle our finances. It is generally considered that up to 30% of expenses in an NGO may be used for administration and overheads. In the 2013/2014 financial year, less than 1% of our total expenses were used for administrative purposes while 70% was spent on our four focus areas.

Any individual or organization contributing financially towards this work can therefore be assured that their money will be used responsibly, won't be spent on luxury items and will reach the people for whom it was intended - those suffering from HIV and AIDS and the people taking care of them.


Bullet 2019/2020 Financial Report

Bullet 2020/2021 Financial Report