Articles on HIV/AIDS published by Arnau van Wyngaard


Why are we losing the battle against AIDS? (REC Focus 4 (1) 2004) EPub Kindle
Towards a Theology of HIV/AIDS (Verbum et Ecclesia 27 (1) 2006) EPub Kindle
Towards A Theology of Hope in A Time of HIV/AIDS (Minutes of REC 2005 Utrecht)
On Becoming the Hands and Feet of Christ in an AIDS-Ridden community (Verbum et Ecclesia 27 (3) 2006) EPub Kindle
De handen en voeten van Christus in Swaziland (Tussen Ruimte 2009 (4) EPub Kindle
Free love: A case study of church-run home-based caregivers in a high vulnerability setting (Global Public Health 2011)

Reducing the effects of HIV/AIDS in rural communities through a holistic approach by volunteer caregivers in Shiselweni, Southern Swaziland (USAID Resource February 28,2012 - https://www.usaidassist.org/print/117)

Developing a Theology of HIV/AIDS (Is the Body of Christ HIV Positive? 2012) EPub Kindle
Addressing the Spiritual Needs of People Infected with and Affected by HIV and AIDS in Swaziland (Journal of Social Work in End-Of-Life & Palliative Care 9 (2-3) 2013 )

Manifesting the Grace of God to those with HIV (Verbum et Ecclesia 35 (1) 2014) EPub Kindle

Reckoning HIV/AIDS care: A longitudinal study of community home-based caregivers and clients in Swaziland (African Journal of AIDS Research 14 (3) 2015)

"We Smoke the Same Pipe": Religion and Community Home-Based Care for PLWH in Rural Swaziland (Medical Anthropology 36 (3) 2017)

Food insecurity and ART adherence in Swaziland: the case for coordinated faith-based and multi-sectoral action (Development in Practice 27 (5) 2017

AIDS and COVID 19 in southern Africa (African Journal of AIDS Research 20 (2) 2021)

A pandemic of inequality: Reflections on AIDS and COVID-19 in the southern African context (African Journal of AIDS Research 21 (2) 2022)