Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs)


The feeding of orphaned and vulnerable children (OVCs) is probably one of the greatest challenges of the drought-stricken rural areas of Shiselweni. With 70% of the Swazi population earning less than E10 per day (about $0.75 per day) and more than two years of devastating droughts, there is a dire need to assist the people of Shiselweni with food. SHBC is feeding 756 children in eight different areas daily (Dwaleni, Matsanjeni, Big Bend, Hlushwana, Ndzevane, Ekuthuleni, Mshiphila and Mbangweni). With the help of a qualified dietician a five-day menu was formulated to ensure that the children have at least one nutritious meal per day. At two of these NCPs (Dwaleni and Matsanjeni) boreholes were sunk to ensure that the children receiving food also have access to clean drinking water. Toilets were also erected at some of the NCPs.


An international NGO, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF), is partnering with SHBC to assist in the provision of some of the food needed for these NCPs.

Particular challenges we face

Recently the funding of the NCPs has become a particular challenge as TFCF is drastically cutting their sponsorship month after month. Up to October 2016 the NCP programme received R75,600 (US$ 5,815) per month for food, i.e., R100 (US$ 7.50) per child per month. This amount has now been reduced to R59,500 (US$ 4,575) or R79 (US$ 6) per child per month, with further reductions expected. It is becoming virtually impossible to sustain the daily provision of balanced and nutritious meals with this amount of money. We urgently need new funders to assist us in continuing with this support to children who have no other means of obtaining food.

How can you help?

Should you wish to contribute to this feeding programme, please go to our "Donate Now" page for the bank details.