SHBC's Five Focus Areas


Swaziland has the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world and as we witness people dying, (many still in the prime of their lives), the greatest need of the people may be to find renewed hope for the future.


Of the four regions in Swaziland, the southern region of Swaziland (known as Shiselweni) is the worst off in many respects. With a total population of 241,000 people, it only has 27 health facilities, of which only four are equipped with beds. The entire region has a mere 13 doctors and less than 100 nurses. For this reason, medical situations which should be fairly simple to handle, are often a death sentence in this under-resourced part of Swaziland.


At present SHBC, despite limited resources, serves about 5000 individuals with the help of 1250 volunteers. Over and above our caregiving services, SHBC also has feeding programmes in place at eight neighbourhood care points (NCPs); we also distribute wheelchairs, and have four Early Childhood Development centres attended daily by 220 children.


More detail on each of the focus areas can be found below:


1. Community Home-Based Care

2. Early Childhood Development Centers

3. Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs)

4. Wheelchair Distribution

5. Training