Why Donate?

As is the case with all welfare organizations - and more so with Christian Faith-Based Organizations - we are dependent upon donations to enable us to do our work. Why would anyone want to consider supporting Shiselweni Reformed Home-Based Care?

1) This ministry has a proven track-record of using funds extremely efficiently. Consider the following: During 2011 less than 1% of all funds received were used for administrative purposes. Furthermore, all work is done by volunteers, which means that no funds received is paid out in the form of salaries. Money is spent mainly on training and on enabling the caregivers to do their task efficiently as they visit their clients.

2) Your contribution WILL make a difference as we take hands to keep on fighting the effects of HIV and AIDS in Swaziland. In this country with it's poor healthcare system, many terminally and chronically ill patients have no one else to take care of them, except for the caregivers who visit them regularly.

3) A fund has been established in the USA to enable any USA tax-paying citizen to make a tax-deductible contribution towards this ministry.

Go to any of the following links, to get more information on how you can support this ministry:


Bullet Donating Funds from the USA
Bullet Donations from South Africa

Bullet Donations from Swaziland
Bullet Donations from outside South Africa and the USA


PRIVACY STATEMENT: Privacy is a very serious matter for SHBC. All required information is kept internally and is never shared with third parties.