Board of Directors

While Shiselweni Home-Based Care was still relatively small, the need for a board was not felt. However, as the ministry grew and more funds were generated, the leadership realized that a board could be of great benefit for the future of the work while also maintaining a high degree of accountability. On 5 November 2009 the board was established, initially consisting of seven members, with the option to increase the numbers as further needs are identified. The board is made up of people from a wide background, but with the condition that they should all be passionate about making a difference in the HIV/AIDS situation in Swaziland and that they do this work as volunteers.


Arnau has been a full-time missionary in Swaziland since 1985. He is the pastor of the Shiselweni congregation of the Swaziland Reformed Church, general secretary of the Synod of the church and also the visionary behind Shiselweni Home-Based Care. He is a recognised international speaker and has published various articles in academic journals, including articles on the topic of HIV and AIDS. He holds a Doctorate in Missiology from the University of South Africa and in 2010 he completed the Advanced Health Management Programme (cum laude) from Yale University.


"Shorty" is a member of the Shiselweni congregation of the Swaziland Reformed Church at Dwaleni and was actively involved with Shiselweni Reformed Home-Based Care right from the start. She is the Chief Operating Officer of the entire programme.

CFO & Chairperson

Neville is the Financial Manager of Montigny Investments, a group of companies whose head-office is situated in the Shiselweni region of Swaziland. He has a keen interest in the AIDS pandemic and is also the financial advisor of Shiselweni Reformed Home-Based Care. He is a Chartered Accountant by profession (or a Certified Public Accountant as it is known in the USA)


Infrastructure and Distribution

Zachie is a member of the Dutch Reformed Church in Swaziland, owns a trading store in Nhlangano and farms in the Dwaleni district. With his knowledge of building, he plays a vital role in giving advice whenever new structures have to be erected or older ones renovated.

Public Relations, Funding Proposals & SHBC Secretary
Johanna is the chairperson of the Ethics Task Team for a global telecommunications company. As a certified Ethics Officer, she brings corporate governance, ethics management and organisation development skills to SHBC. She has also been trained in proposal writing and uses this knowledge when SHBC needs to submit proposals or reports.

OVC Feeding Programme

Mduduzi is an elder of the Shiselweni congregation of the Swaziland Reformed Church. He is responsible for coordinating the feeding programmes at the different neighbourhood carepoints (NCPs) where more than 750 children receive a nutritious meal daily.

Dudu Dlamini

Board Advisor

Dudu has many years of experience with the SOS Children's Villages, both in eSwatini as well as internationally, among others in Kenya and Chile. She also served on the international board for SOS Villages and in this capacity has vast experience on running an NGO successfully.

Netty Nkambule

Coordinator Representative

Netty is the coordinator for the Mbangweni group of caregivers and represents the coordinators on the board of directors.

Phumzile Sihlongonyane

Coordinator Representative

Phumzile is the coordinator for the Mbangweni group of caregivers and represents the coordinators on the board of directors.